Ancient World Terms and Conditions (Including Permission to Receive PUSH Event)

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to regulate all necessary matters for service use such as rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other crucial issues between the Tigon Mobile (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and members, relevant to using wired/wireless Internet services and online/offline game services (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) provided by “Company”.

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

1. The definitions of terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows:

1) “Service” refers to all available services provided by the “Company” regardless of the type of accessible wired/wireless device.

2) “Device” refers to devices that can use the “Service” such as mobile phones (smartphones), tablet computers, Tab-Books, handheld gaming consoles, PDAs, video game consoles, and PCs.

3) “User” refers to those who agree to the Terms and Conditions, provide their personal information and use the “Service.”

4) “Online Marketplace” and "Online Marketplace Operator" refers to “online marketplace” and “online marketplace e-commerce company” that provide installation, payment and introduction of services.

5) “ID” refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by the user and approved by the “Company;” it is used to identify the user within the “Service.”

6) “Payment Service Provider” refers to a company that provides electronic payment methods available in the “Online Marketplace” such as credit cards, automatic transfer, PayPal, and Xsolla.

7) “Item” refers to data that displays characters, skills, runes, in-game money, other schedules, or random results available within the game.

8) “Paid Item” refers to “Item” purchased for a fee through “Paid Payment.”

9) “Temporary Member” refers to a user in guest login mode without member authentication.

10) Service area and country: Customers can access and use the game in all countries and regions except Korea, China, and Vietnam.

However, the service area and country may change in the future; when they change, customers will be notified in advance along with the change in the Terms and Conditions.

11) Relevant laws or customs shall govern terms not defined in these Terms and Conditions.

Article 3 (Posting and Amending the Terms and Conditions)

1. These Terms and Conditions take effect by posting within the “Service” or notifying the “User” by other means for all “Users” who wish to use the “Service.”

2. The “Company” may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that they do not violate relevant laws and regulations. The “Company” will notify any amendment in advance.

3. The “User” has the right to refuse the amended Terms and Conditions. If the “User” does not agree to the amended Terms and Conditions, he/she may terminate the service contract (withdrawal from the “Service”). If the intention of refusal is not expressed after the priorly announced enforcement date, it will be considered that the “User” automatically agreed to the amended Terms and Conditions. The “Company” shall not be responsible for any damage caused by not knowing the changed Terms and Conditions information.

Article 4 (Conclusion of the Service Contract)

1. The service contract is concluded when someone who intends to become a “User” (hereinafter referred to as the “Membership Applicant”) downloads the “Service” of the “Company” under the terms and policies of the “Online Marketplace” and agrees to these Terms and Conditions. However, using the “Service” may be restricted due to the “Company’s” technical, business, and legal problems.

2. The “User” shall check and download the price information, technical information, and precautions specified in the “Online Marketplace” before concluding the service contract. The “Company” shall not intervene in disputes between the “Online Marketplace” and the “User,” and does not bear any responsibility.

3. The “Company” may apply the “User Information Linkage Function” of other businesses such as “Google, Facebook, Apple” to its services. In that case, the “Company” may collect/use the user information of the corresponding “Member.”

4. The “Company” may refuse to accept any of the following applications for each of the following clauses or terminate the contract afterward:

1) When using or stealing another person’s name or information;

2) Intending to use the “Service” for violating the current laws or for criminal purposes;

3) When a “Membership Applicant” lost his/her membership under these Terms and Conditions previously; except when he/she agreed to “Membership Registration” with the consent of the “Company;”

4) When it is judged that approval is not possible due to other reasons attributable to “Members” or “Membership Applicants,” or an application filed in while violating all other provisions.

Article 5 (Displaying Identity Information and Conditions on Content Use)

1. The identity information of the “Company” that provides the “Service” can be found on the content sales screen provided by each “Online Marketplace Operator.”

2. The “Company” displays content information, terms of use, the minimum system requirements (OS requirements) on the content sales screen, and the ratings on the content sales screen and the initial screen while running the game. Information and terms of use, content ratings, the minimum system requirements of the “Paid Item” are as follows. Other details are provided on the sales screen in the “Online Marketplace,” so please refer to the information provided on that page.

① Supplier: Tigon Mobile

② Term of Use: Available in the game

③ Ratings: According to the rating information displayed separately for each product (displayed on the sales screen or game operating screen)

④ Payment Amount: According to the payment amount notified separately for each product

⑤ How the Product is Supplied: Provided in the game

⑥ Minimum System Requirements, OS: According to the minimum requirements notified separately for each content

⑦ Essential Software: According to the minimum requirements notified separately for each content

⑧ Refund, Contract Termination, Damage Compensation, etc.: Subject to the provisions of Articles 16, 18, and 21 of this Agreement

⑨ How to Consult: 1:1 Inquiry

3. In principle, the “Paid Item” purchased by the “User” can only be used within the content where it was purchased. However, if the transfer or transaction of the “Paid Item” between different contents is supported by the content-specific policies or the “Online Marketplace Operators,” it does not count, and it shall follow what is indicated separately.

4. For counseling on the purchased content, please consult with the customer center within the content through a 1:1 inquiry.

5. Refunds, contract cancellation/termination, damage compensation, and restrictions on content use are subject to other articles of this Agreement.

Article 6 (Duty to Protect Personal Information)

1. The “Company” strives to protect the personal information of the “Users” as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations. Relevant laws and privacy policies separately notified by the “Company” apply to collecting, handling, protecting, and using personal information. However, the “Company” is not responsible for any linked third-party services other than the services provided by the “Company.”

2. Depending on the characteristics of the “Service,” nicknames and photos entered by the “Member” may be disclosed to other “Members.”

Article 7 (Collecting Information)

1. “Device” information, device identification number, MAC address, OS information and version, information on user’s current mobile carrier, and the “Service” usage history may be collected by “User” for operation, stabilization and improvement of the quality of “Service”

2. The “Company” can save, store, or view the chatting between “Users” within the “Service” provided by the “Company.” The “Company” shall only view the chat information if it is deemed necessary to resolve the disputes between the “Users,” handle complaints or maintain order in the game. However, the chatting logs may not be saved on the server.

This information is held only by the “Company” and is not provided except a legitimate third-party. When using the data, notify the “User” of the reason and scope of the data use.

3. The “Company” may store customer inquiries/counseling details (e-mail, chat, etc.) for customer support for the “User.” The stored content is used only for customer support; in principle, it is discarded after its purpose of use has been achieved. However, in the case of information that needs to be stored due to laws and registrations, it will be stored according to the standards set by the law.

Article 8 (Property of Rights)

1. If a post of the “Member” has content that violates these Terms and Conditions, the “Company” may take actions under the relevant laws if refused to delete it, or move or register it to another forum

2. Copyrights (licenses) and other intellectual property rights about all trademarks, service marks, logos, in-game sources related to services, such as design of the service provided by the “Company,” texts, scripts, graphics, and mutual transmission functions between “Users”, are owned by the “Company” or the “Company” has the right to use or own them under the laws of Republic of Korea and other foreign countries.

3. The “User” shall not use, copy, or distribute the “User” status information obtained by the “Services” and text, scripts, graphics, and mutual transmission functions between “Users” created by the “Company” for commercial purposes, except those that are explicitly permitted. Regarding the service, the “Company” only grants the “User” the right to use IDs and contents according to the terms of use set by the “Company;” “Users” cannot dispose them by copy, transfer, sell, or offering as collateral.

4. If the “User” uses various types of services (game, app, website, etc.) connected to the service, it will be considered that he/she have agreed to provide his/her information necessary for using the service, so such information can be provided to a third-party.

Article 9 (Duty of the “Company”)

1. The “Company” strives to take measures such as inspection or restoration on services and security-related facilities to provide constant and stable services.

2. The “Company” discloses and complies with privacy policies to protect personal information so that the “Users” can use the “Service” safely.

3. The “Company” shall deal with the opinions or complaints raised by the “User” regarding the service if they are deemed justified; if it is challenging to deal with promptly, the reason and future plans shall be notified within the service or reported to the user in other ways.

Article 10 (Duty of the “User”)

1. The “User” shall comply with the notifications made by the “Company” and the service policies set by the “Company” regarding the use of these Terms and Conditions, relevant laws, and services, and shall not interfere with the “Company” business.

2. The “User” shall fill out all information based on facts while filling out the user application form or changing user information. He/she shall not claim his/her rights after receiving service suspension or other disadvantages for using a fake name or other person’s name.

3. The “User” shall not change the information posted by “Company” or collect other users’ personal and ID information.

4. The “User” shall not use services for profit without prior consent from the “Company,” or disclose or post advertisement, obscene or violent messages, political activities, videos, or voice in the “Services,” nor shall he/she post or transmit them to other users.

5. The “User” shall not replicate, disassemble, imitate, or transform the “Service” provided by the “Company” by using the service in a way different from the usual way, creating a load on it, or processing it.

6. The “User” shall not engage in any other illegal or unfair actions, including infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights of the “Company” and other third parties, or anything that damages its reputation or interfere with business.

7. The “User” shall be responsible for managing the “IDs” of the “Users” and should not be allowed to be used by a third-party.

8. The “Company” may restrict using the “IDs” and “Character Names” of the “Users” if there is a risk of leaking personal information, anti-social or harming public morals, or mistaking it as the “Company” or the “Company's” operators.

9. If the “User” realizes that his/her “ID” is stolen or is being used by a third-party, he/she must immediately notify the “Company” and follow the guidance of the “Company.”

10. The “User” shall not dispose (transfer or trade) and purchase game data (accounts, characters, items, etc.) for a fee or use them as objects of rights (providing collateral, lending, etc.).

11. The “User” shall be responsible for managing his/her device which operates the “Service;” the “Company” is not liable for any damages caused by poor management of the device and allowing third parties to use it.

12. Other than this Article, the “User” shall not engage in acts that are prohibited by any other relevant laws and regulations or not permitted under morals and other social norms.

13. Under this Article, the “Company” is not responsible for any disadvantages that occur from violating the “User’s” obligations; if these cause damage to the “Company,” it may claim restrictions on service use and compensation for damages.

- Restrictions on the account name, character name (nickname), guild name (group name within game)

- Restrictions on chatting and using it

- Restrictions on using forums

- Restrictions on how to play the game

- Other matters deemed necessary for operating game services by the “Company” in the scope of not infringing on the fundamental rights of the members’ use of game services.

Article 11 (Provision and Use of the “Service”)

1. The “Company” provides the following services to the “Users:”

1) Gaming service

2) Community service

3) Connection supports to other services by using the user information within the service.

4) Any other services provided to “Users” through additional development by the “Company” or partnership agreements with another “Company”

2. The “Company” may divide the “Service” into a certain range and specify the available time for each range. However, in this case, the details will be notified in advance.

3. In principle, the “Company” shall provide the “Service” 24/7/365, unless there are any business or technical obstacles. However, when the “Company” deems that regular system inspection, expansion and replacement of servers are necessary, it may temporarily suspend the service on the day or time set by the “Company.” In such cases, the “Company” will notify it on its website or individual services in advance.

4. The “Company” may temporarily suspend the service without notice due to urgent or unavoidable reasons; in such cases, it will be notified later. If there is any reason the “Company” deems appropriate, such as replacing it with a new service, it may completely suspend the current service.

5. The “Company” may limit or temporarily suspend part or all of the services when providing regular service is impossible due to natural disasters, power outages, national emergencies, failure of service facilities or service congestion, or facility maintenance or inspection by key telecommunications business operators. However, in this case, members will be notified of its reason and period in advance or afterward.

6. The “Company” may provide users with services, including games for testing for a certain period. In the case of testing, data can be changed, added, or deleted for stability and balance adjustment; service-related data generated by users during the test period may be initialized.

7. If the law prohibits providing the “Services” to specific “Users,” such “Users” may be restricted from using the “Service.”

Article 12 (Link)

1. The “Company” may add links to third parties’ websites, advertisements, services, special requests, events, or other activities in the “Service;” the “User” acknowledges and agrees that the “Company” is not responsible for these links and cannot guarantee its reliability.

2. The “Company” is not responsible for protecting “Users’” personal information in the content, products, and services connected to third-party links used by the “Users.”

Article 13 (Change and Termination of the “Service”)

1. The “Company” may change all of the provided services or change or suspend some services from time to time as necessary.

2. If there is a termination of the “Service” or change in service content, additional service, method of use, and time of use, the "Company" will notify the users in advance with a period so that he/she can fully recognize the relevant information. However, if it is unavailable to notify in advance, the “Company” will notify later.

3. If the “Company” ultimately terminates the “Service” due to the reasons in the preceding paragraph, the “User” cannot claim compensation for fixed-term paid items that have expired. In the case of “Paid Items” that has not been expired, the announced end date when the “Service” termination is regarded as the deadline for the “Paid Items.”

Article 14 (Information Provision and Advertisement Post)

1. The “Company” may publish advertisements for the maintenance of this “Service.” It will be considered that the “User” agreed to publish advertisements exposed while using the “Service.”

2. The “Company” shall not be liable for any losses or damages that occur from the “Users” participation or transactions through advertisements published in the “Service.”

3. The “Company” may send advertising information through e-mail, SMS, notice message (Push Notification), etc., only to the “Users” who have agreed to receive it. The “User” may refuse to accept it at any time if he/she does not want it, and the “Company” will not send advertising information if he/she refuses to receive it.

4. The “Company” can post advertisements through banners, product placements, etc., in the “Service.” “Members” who agreed to these Terms and Conditions will be considered to have agreed to publish advertisements through banners, product placements, etc., in the service. The advertisement can be linked to an area or page provided by a third-party. If it leads to a page provided by a third-party, the page is not within the “Service” area of the “Company,” so the “Company” does not guarantee the reliability and stability of the page and is not liable for any damage to the “Members.”

Article 15 (Payment)

1. The “Company” may sell the “Paid Items” according to the provided “Service.”

2. The “Users” can check the price of the item before payment of the “Paid Items” and can be purchased according to the “Online Marketplace” policy provided in the "Users’” device.

3. The payment bill is charged according to the method and policy set by each “Online Marketplace;” there may be a difference between the expected payment amount and the actual bill depending on the exchange rate and fee at the time of the foreign currency payment.

4. The “User” is obligated to faithfully pay the payment under the methods and policies set by the “Online Marketplace Operator” or “Payment Service Provider.”

5. The payment limit may be limited and adjusted according to the “Online Marketplace Operator,” “Payment Service Provider,” or laws and regulations.

6. The “Company” shall not bear any responsibility for “users’” damages caused by careless management or not using the password settings of the “Device” and “Online Marketplace.”

Article 16 (Refunds and Refunds for Overpayment)

1. The “Company” will notify users in advance of non-refundable content or content on sale; in principle, content and items selected and purchased by the user are non-refundable.

2. Whatever the reason is, if the fee approved by the “User” is refunded without prior consultation with the company, the user’s account may be terminated.

3. In case of an overpayment due to the “User’s” responsibility, the “User” shall bear the required fees and others.

4. Charges incurred by downloading the “Service” or using network services (call charges, data communication charges, etc.) are excluded from the refund.

Article 17 (Contract Termination, etc.)

1. The “Users” can apply for withdrawal at any time through a method supported by the “Company” within the service. Withdrawal will be processed immediately, and all usage information (performance, character, item, game money, etc.) of the “User” will be deleted and not restored.

2. When the “Company” determines that the “User” violated the service policy in accordance to each Article of these Terms and Conditions, it may terminate the terms of use; in this case, the “User” cannot claim a refund or compensation for damages.

Article 18 (Usage Restriction, etc.)

1. The “Company” may gradually restrict the “Service” usage by warning, suspension, permanent suspension, etc., if the “User” violates the obligations of these Terms and Conditions or interferes with the normal service operation.

2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the “Company” may immediately apply permanent suspension if it violates the relevant laws, such as name theft, payment theft, phone number theft, copyright theft, providing illegal programs and interrupting service operations, illegal communication and hacking, distributing malicious programs, and exceeding access rights. In the event of permanent suspension of use in accordance with this paragraph, all benefits obtained by using the “Service” will also disappear, and the “Company” will not separately compensate for this.

3. If the “Company” restricts “User” from using the “Service” or terminates the contract, the “Company” will notify the user of this matter.

4. The “User” may file an objection against usage restrictions on under this article. At this time, if the “Company” admits that the complaint is justified, the “Company” immediately resumes the “Service” usage.

Article 19 (Limitation of Liability)

1. The “Company” is exempt from liability for providing the “Service” if it is unable to provide the “Service” due to war, natural disasters, or equivalent force majeure.

2. The “Company” is not responsible for any obstacles in using the “Service” due to reasons attributable to the “User.”

3. The “Company” is exempt from liability if the telecommunication business operator, such as a key telecommunications business operator, stops telecommunication services or fails to provide them normally.

4. The “Company” is not responsible for information, data, reliability of matter, accuracy of contents posted by the “Users” in relation with the “Service”

5. The “Company” is exempt from liability if it makes transactions between the “Users” or between the “Users” and third parties through the “Services.”

6. The “Company” is not responsible for the failure or loss of profits expected by the “Users” while using the “Service.”

7. The “Member” should prevent paid payments from third parties by using the “Device” password setting and the password setting provided by the “Online Marketplace.” The “Company” is not responsible for third-party payments occurred by the “Users’” negligence.

8. The “Company” shall not be liable for the use of free services unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws.

9. The “Company” is not obligated or liable to monitor the content and quality of products or services advertised by third parties through screens or linked websites within the service.

10. The “Company” and the employees and agents of the “Company” are not liable for damages that occurred from the following matters.

1) Damage caused by false or inaccurate information of the “User’s” status

2) Personal damage occurred in the process of accessing and using the “Service” regardless of its nature and circumstances

3) Damage occurred from all illegal access by a third-party to the server or illegal use of the server

4) Damage occurred from any illegal obstruction or interruption of any third-party to the transmission to or from the server

5) Damage caused by all viruses, spies, and other malicious programs that are illegally transmitted, distributed, or transmitted and distributed by a third-party using the “Service”

6) Damage caused by errors and omission, deletion, destruction, etc. of the transmitted data

7) “User’s” loss in ranking, grade, performance, items, game money, etc.

8) Various legal responsibilities arising from defamation, copyright infringement, and other illegal activities arising from the registration of the “User” status information and using the “Services” between the “Users”

Article 20 (Digital Asset NFT, etc.)

1. The “Company” provides blockchain-based content linked to third-party services.

The “Users” shall agree to the Terms and Conditions of a third-party company and complete the user registration to use the blockchain-based content.

2. The “Company” may, if necessary, amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws and regulations.

3. Using blockchain-based content is not a prerequisite for service use and can be selected and determined by the “Users.”

4. “NFT” refers to “Non-fungible Token” with a unique key value. “User” can use NFTs issued by the “Company” or a third-party within the game service or at Klip.

5. “Address” refers to a unique address that exists to record user information in the service.

6. If an item is made into NFT, it will be owned by the user; if it is imported into a game, it will be treated as a game item.

7. The “Company” is not responsible for any damage caused by the NFT being sent to the wrong address due to the “User” being careless.

8. If the following actions are detected, the “Company” may restrict and suspend the “User.”

- Exchanging NFTs in an abnormal way

- Using NFT for illegal activities

- Act regarded as a fraudulent act in violation of the “Company’s” operating policy

9. Blockchain assets are highly volatile due to their nature, so the company has no liability or obligation to compensate for damages caused by changes in the value of designated NFT content it owns.

10. The user is solely responsible for managing the NFT content, and the “Company” is not responsible for any problems caused by negligence in management.

Article 21 (Compensation for Damages)

1. The “Company” shall not be liable for any damages incurred to the “Users,” such as indirect, accidental, special, or consequential, in connection with using of free services provided by the “Company.” However, if it is due to reasons attributable to the “Company,” compensation will be made for it.

2. It does not bear any responsibility for any disability or loss of use due to reasons such as device change, number change, overseas roaming, etc., of the “Users.”

Article 22 (Legal Measures)

1. Regardless of the principle of legal conflict or the country in which the ‘User’ resides, he/she agrees that he/she is exclusively excluded from the application of the UN Agreement related to the international item sales contract.

2. If you have any inquiries or complaints in the “Company” or game, we highly recommend you resolve them through the customer service.

3. The “User” must actively participate in the mediation provided by the company in connection with the dispute. If agreed, the user agrees to waive all rights to file a dispute through the court and allow the judge or jury to decide on the user's case.

4. Disputes and objections shall be raised within a year.

5. All disputes related to this Agreement must be filed within one year in a small claims court or mediation procedure to the extent permitted by law.

6. The one-year period begins when the dispute notice can be initially submitted. If a dispute is not filed within a year, it will be permanently banned.


Announcement Date: 08-10, 2023

Enforcement Date: 08-10, 2023